The Benefits of Ordering Custom Picture Frame Online

Framed prints and photos make beautiful decorative touches that can also capture treasured memories. As a result, millions of Internet users now search online for the best online frame company. Many look for a custom framing business that offers alternatives to the one-size-fits all options found in retail stores. Online services make it simple to create unique frames that also preserve images.

Custom Frames vs. Ready-Made Products

Shoppers who decide on custom frames often want to use images to make unique decorating statements. That can be very hard to do if prints or photos are unusually sized or frames are made for single images. Clients often want to include several photos or prints in one frame, which can then be turned into an interesting accent. It can be very difficult to find high-quality multi-phone frames in stores, and those that are available are usually limited to a few styles. Fortunately, an online framing service makes it simple for clients to design a multi picture frame to any specification.

Online Ordering Makes Custom Framing Easy

A custom frame service uses a step-by-step process that lets customers design unique multi-aperture picture frames. They can be ordered with mounts that include several openings and are ideal for displaying post cards and drawings as well as photos. Customers can order their multi-aperture frames in the exact sizes they need. Online ordering options include a range of frame colors. Clients can design custom layouts that include as many apertures as they want. They are offered frame collections that include elegant silver, gold and bronze styles.

Quality Custom Frames Include Protection

Custom frames are glazed with shatter-resistant acrylic instead of standard glass. They do not produce the greenish look that some glasses do and are much lighter and easier to handle. Acrylic is clearer than glass and offers added UV protection. Clients can also order foam packing boards and opt to have brown tape added to seal the backs of frames.

Online custom frame suppliers make it simple for clients to order products that fit their unique needs. Buyers can use website tools to create frames in the precise sizes, colors and styles they want.